Peggy Renker, CSA
Certified Senior Advisor

Peggy is a Certified Senior Advisor, (CSA) who has vast knowledge of State regulations and other vital information regarding standards of care for Assisted Living and Memory Care homes.

Her deep familiarty and ongoing relationships with all the licensed Assisted Living and Dementia Care Communties in Santa Barbara County allow her to narrow down the best and most viable options making an often-overwhelming process smooth and manageable for everyone. In addition, Peggy stays with families from the first phone call until their loved one is well settled and comfortable in their new home.

Peggy holds a BA in Sociology obtained from the University of California Santa Barbara.

She is dedicated to working with individuals, no matter what their age or circumstances, to find the optimal place for them to live and thrive.

Jennie Welsh
Placement Representative

Jennie has worked as a Mediator in Santa Barbara for over 30 years, helping people going through big life transitions such as divorce & custody, separation from employment, and conflicts among family members regarding the care of their elderly parents and other difficult issues. Her personal and professional experience have given her invaluable insight into the complexities, both practical and emotional, people face when going through such transitions.

She understands the importance of really listening to people to get a complete understanding of their particular needs and concerns and honoring them as much as possible.

Jennie is devoted to helping seniors and their families as they make the move from living on their own to Assisted Living and Memory Care settings. This dedication comes from her many years of experience supporting and caring for her own parents as they transitioned from living in their own home to Assisted Living, and ultimately, to Skilled Nursing.

She knows first-hand, the difficulties seniors and their families face during such times.

She also knows the immense value of a knowledgeable and trusted resource in navigating this process. It is for this reason Jennie decided to go into this work herself.

Jennie has been certified in Mediation since 1989 and is specially certified in Divorce & Custody Mediation. She has over 20 years’ experience in civil litigation, holds a BA in History from UCSB, and is a graduate of the State Bar of California Law Study Program.

Jennie is honored to help those in need to explore Assisted Living options

In the Community

Peggy Renker, Certified Senior Advisor discusses Assisted Living and other housing options for seniors with host Arlene Stepputat.

What is a Certified Senior Advisor

Certified Senior Advisors are aging industry professionals who have demonstrated knowledge of the health, social, financial, and ethical issues associated with aging. Obtaining the CSA certification shows a commitment to high ethical standards, lifelong learning, and exceptional service to older adults.